cgit Dockerized

This is a simple dockerized version of cgit, which includes support for SSH and HTTP access. SSH access is restricted to key-based authentication only, and root logins aren't permitted.


  • /etc/cgit.d
  • This directory should only contain a single file: cgitrc, which should contain any customization for the cgit instance according to the cgitrc spec.
  • /etc/ssh
  • This directory should be owned by root, and is used to persist the host SSH keys, along with the SSH configuration changes.
  • /git/.ssh
  • This directory should have 700 permissions and any files within it should have 600 permissions. The idea is to use it for adding an authorized_keys file
  • /pub/git
  • This is where the git repositories will be stored. Please note that all folders and files here should be owned by the git user, UID 1000.